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  1. Field Information:

    1. Query and Download Crop Field Information
    2. Obtain Information on Certified Varieties in Oregon
    3. Obtain Certification Client Information (by Name or Crop Kind)
    4. View Small Grains Preliminary or Passed Inspection Growers List
    5. Create Field Application for Certification
    6. Reprint Field Application or Field Map Submitted Online
    7. Transfer Fields to Another Grower or Accept Fields from Another Grower
    8. Signup Eligible Certified Fields for Crop Inspection
    9. Sign up for Re-inspection of Fields Rejected Subject to Re-inspection
    10. View, Download, or Print a Copy of Certification Reports
    11. Request Field Extension for Your Contracted Fields
  2. Seed Sample Information:

    1. Create Online Seed Sample Certificate
    2. Request Sampling of Certified Lots
    3. Create Online ISTA Seed Sample Certificate
    4. Reprint Sample Certificate Submitted Online
    5. Track Your Sample Through Purity Analysis Process
    6. Submit Changes for Received Samples or Online Sample Certificates
    7. Change Container Type from Bulk Containers to Sacks or Buckets
    8. Query and Download Sample, Purity, and Viability Information
  3. Seed Test Information:

    1. Obtain Test Number (by Lot Number) for Received Samples
    2. Add CC to Seed Lab Seed Sample Records
    3. Request Additional Tests for Submitted Samples
    4. View Purity Test Results
    5. View Viability Test Results
    6. Access Seed Lab Test Reports in PDF Format
    7. Create a 'ReportWatcher' List for Test Reports
  4. Seed Lot Information:

    1. Request Approval for Processed Lots
    2. Request Approval for Movement of Untagged Certified Seed
    3. Print Oregon Certification Tags
    4. Order Certification Tags
    5. View Seed Lot Tagging Status for Printed or Ordered Tags
    6. Fill Out Advance Tagging Form to FAX or Email (Writable PDF)
    7. Create Bulk Shipping or Transfer Certificate for Certified Seed
    8. View, Download, or Print a Copy of OECD Certificates
  5. Corn Certification:

    1. Submit Field Application for Corn Certification
    2. View and Download Corn Inspection Results
    3. Create or Retrieve Bulk Shipping Transfer for Corn Seed
  6. Potato Certification:

    1. Submit Seed Potato Field Inspection Application
    2. Create Seed Potato Certificate of Final Certification
    3. View, Download, or Print a Copy of Seed Potato Inspection Report
    4. Grower Potato Tag Order Form (Writable PDF)
  7. Miscellaneous:

    1. View Seed Certification Invoices
    2. View Seed Lab Invoices
    3. Register a New Grower
    4. Register a New Certified Species
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